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Beyond all that, I also co-founded and manage the Arabic blog Saqya that aims to highlight beautiful literature, poetry, and wisdom from all around the world. Right now, Saqya has over 650 posts written by more than 120 contributors and, over the last month, it receives an average of 2,500 page views per day from about 950 unique users per day.


In my youtube channel, I also translate songs and popular speeches from English, French, and Spanish to Arabic; including many of Naom Chomsky’s videos and his famous debate with Michel Foucault back in 1971. Overall, since I began content translation back in 2008, my channel gets an average of 600 and 5,000 impressions per day with more than 7,400 subscribers.


I was a host at the popular Thmanyah Podcast (190K subscribers in Youtube, 350K+ of downloads per month). In this episode, I talked about my journey from Software Engineering to Neuroscience, and why neuroscience needs computer science and artificial intelligence (among many other things).

Additionally, the GC website decided to write a feature article about me and some of my work: